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A little bit about us . . .

We are a group of amateur orchid growers and others with an interest in - a passion for, even - orchids, centred on Bournemouth, on the south coast of England.

The Bournemouth, Poole & District Orchid Society was originally formed in 1959, adopting Bournemouth Orchid Society as a more manageable name in 1984.  From small beginnings the Society has become one of the largest amateur orchid societies in the UK, drawing its membership from a wide area.

Our main activities are our monthly meetings, which include lectures by nationally and internationally recognised experts, two highly regarded public Shows a year, and - thanks to the willingly shared expertise of several skillful and experienced growers amongst our members - very successful in-house plant clinics and "brains trusts".  Social events and visits to orchid nurseries and shows are further regular features in our Programme, and we maintain a comprehensive Library of orchid books for members' use.  The Society's journal, Top Orchid, is produced in full colour three times a year.  Annual membership fees are a modest £22 single and £32 double.

We are also much involved in the wider orchid world, primarily with Exhibits of members' plants at other shows for which we have gained a solid reputation for consistent high quality.  As an active member of the British Orchid Council we have exhibited at every BOC Congress since 1980, in addition organising and hosting the 14th Congress in 1992 in Bournemouth.  We have also exhibited at every Newbury International Orchid Show and its successors, the Peterborough International Orchid Show (to 2012) and now the Malvern International Orchid Show, on several occasions at the Royal Horticultural Society in London and, on the international front, at a number of European and World Orchid Conferences.  The Society and a good number of its members have won many awards over the years, for displays, for individual plants, as well as for photography and even orchid web site design.

Have a good look around our web site to learn more about us.  Information about membership is available here . . .

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If you need anything more, just Contact Us by getting in touch with our Honorary Secretary.

Our next Show . . .
Saturday 29 February 2020

Allendale Community Centre

Hanham Road, Wimborne, Dorset  BH21 1AS
Show Information

We are continuing our series of free "hands-on", joint kid's and parent's/guardian's, orchid-related activities at this Show.  This follows our highly successful two-day pilot event, run concurrently at our 60th Anniversary Show in March 2019. Both parents/guardians and their children got fully engaged, many opting for the more complicated crafty options.  They created a real buzz at the Show, with many parents discovering there was more to both their kids and orchids in general.

Why not put the date in your diary?
Remember, children enter free when accompanied by an adult!
An Open Invitation

If you love orchids or you're just interested in learning about them, and are not too far from Bournemouth, why not drop in and see us?  Contact Us, or just come to one of our meetings (check our Programme); you'll be assured of a very warm welcome.  We pride ourselves on the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at our various gatherings, and have a reputation for being a very friendly Society.

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The Society's Logo

This is the flower of Cattleya coccinea (previously called Sophronitis coccinea or grandiflora), slightly stylised, chosen for the impact of its distinctive colour and clean simple lines.  It was introduced in 1985, shortly after the Society simplified its name.


Photographs appear in many of this web site's pages, each as a "thumbnail" - a reduced-size version of the original.  Just click on the thumbnail to view the full-size photograph, which will always open in a new window.  You can also go to the Photo Gallery page where you will find a full list of all photographs on the site, together with a link to the full-size version of each.

Please note that every photograph here is copyright-protected, as are all other resources on the site (text, graphics, etc.).  Unauthorised use in any form is strictly prohibited.  If you're not sure what this means and want to find out more, please use these links . . .

All enquiries concerning photographs or other resources should be addressed to .

About our Web Site

The Society has had its own web site since 1992, making it one of the very earliest orchid web sites in the world.  It is perhaps worth noting that the first-ever web site - for CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) - went live only the previous year, in August 1991.  The original design, generously built and subsequently hosted and maintained for 16 years as a labour of love by our member Neville Roberts, was eventually replaced in 2008 with the redeveloped and considerably expanded version you see here.

This site is optimised for MS Internet Explorer v5.5 and later, Java-enabled, at a screen resolution of 800×600 pixels, although it is best viewed at 1024×768 or 1280×1024 pixels.  We do not use cookies.  Small pop-up windows are generated at various locations on the site, which might not be displayed if you are running pop-up blocking software.  These pop-ups are an integral part of the site and serve strictly non-advertising purposes, so please have complete confidence in disabling/closing any blocking software which you may be running; don't forget to re-enable/restart it when you leave us!

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You are very welcome to link to us from your own web site.  The URL of this 'Home' page - http://www.bournemouthorchidsociety.org.uk/ - should always be used for such links.  If you want a graphic to associate with your link, we offer two versions of our logo - one 29×29 pixels (0.70Kb .GIF file), the other 57×57 pixels (1.49Kb .GIF file) - shown on the left.  Both are suitable for use against any colour of background, light or dark, without the need for any manipulation.  Please download and copy to your own web space; do not link to them here.

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